The splash of jumping into a pool. The clink of ice cubes in lemonade. The whisper of swaying Spartanburg tree leaves. Those are the sounds of summer we simply can’t get enough of.

Four years ago, Ron Linger of Ohio planted 100 blue spruce trees. Recently, he told WKBN news that his “trees weren’t looking very good.

Japanese beetles are one of the garden’s biggest summer pests! They eat their way through our roses, fruit trees, shade Spartanburg trees and even our veggie garden.

Trees can’t tell us when they’ve had too much to drink–or when they’re dying of thirst.

Instead, Spartanburg trees leave subtle clues that we need to decode. Look at your tree’s leaves, and let’s solve the mystery!

When it comes to DIY home and landscape improvements, there are some projects you can handle like a pro and others you should leave to a pro.

Painting a room? Go for it! Retiling a bathroom? Tricky, but you can master it, right? Planting a tree? Sure! But what about removing a tree?

Did you know more than 50 percent of a living tree’s weight is water? That H2O  helps Spartanburg trees thrive.

Just like you, water keeps Spartanburg trees hydrated and functioning. Trees need water to grow new leaves and roots, photosynthesize, transport nutrients, and even fight off pests and diseases.

Trees and pests just don’t get along. Simple as that, right? Well, when it comes to ants lurking around our trees’ roots and stems, things aren’t so clear-cut.

Some ants don’t pose a problem at all–and get this, some can even help us take better care of our trees.

Amelia, a Davey blog reader in California, recently asked, “My Japanese maple's leaves are turning brown at a fast rate starting on one side of the tree. This is new.... Is it due to lack of water?”

Proud sweetgum Spartanburg tree owners know the plant’s glossy, green summer glow and rainbow fall leaves can’t be beaten. But captivating colors just don’t make up for those prickly brown balls that get everywhere.

We know Spartanburg trees – inside and out, from the top down. You name it! We can figure out what’s going on with a Spartanburg tree in your yard.

That’s why Joy from San Jose, California, reached out to us for help! She asked, “We have a spring-flowering pear Spartanburg tree in the center of our small front yard.