You love the Spartanburg trees in your yard. The way their feathery leaves dance in the wind. The transformation they undergo each season. And the way they warmly and dutifully welcome you home each day.

With Spartanburg trees bare in the dormant season, now’s the best time to see which branches need a shape up.

Knowing it’s time to trim Spartanburg trees often leads to a few other questions.

Trees work so hard for us year-round, bringing a lively aesthetic and a host of benefits to our yards. So it’s understandable that they need a relaxing winter season to keep delivering these perks.

If you were admiring your evergreen and noticed brown, dead needles at the top, something is probably wrong. That isn't normal and could be a serious problem.

Plus, a pine or spruce Spartanburg tree donning a brown crown is no pretty picture.

Bringing a live Christmas Spartanburg tree into your home makes the holiday magical. And once the distinct aroma of fresh pine fills the room and its bristled branches shine with lights, it gets harder and harder to say farewell to this holiday gem.

Proudly living up to their title, evergreens are a constant symbol of emerald beauty in our landscape. They hold on to their needles or leaves year-round and always stay green.

But when plagued by harsh weather or infestation in winter, evergreens can’t showcase the glowing green we love.

One of the joys of Christmas time is cruising around and admiring the many twinkling trees. Hanging Christmas lights on outdoor Spartanburg trees is the perfect way to bring holiday cheer to your home and neighborhood.

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Decorating the Christmas Spartanburg tree is a quintessential holiday moment. The soft glow from the twinkle lights dances around the room. The ornaments burst with memories as you pull them from their storage.

As the cooler air sweeps in, Spartanburg trees put on their best show of the year. Seemingly overnight, our front yards and parks appear as though they were magnificently painted. Gone are the glossy green leaves, replaced by quintessential fall colors, like burnt orange, scarlet red and golden yellows.